The LITClub More Free Resources

My LITClub that I hosted in my home could not have grown into an amazing experience without tons of help from others who shared their wisdom and tools freely. So, now it’s my turn. Scroll down for a few resources you might find helpful. Please contact me if you have questions at

If you missed The Scarlet Letter resources click here.

I Hope These Resources Will Help You Start
Or Continue Your Literature Club.

Literary Devices

List & Definitions

Board Game Project

The Iliad


Critical Thinking in Mind

Papier-Mâché Project

Twenty-One Balloons

Point of View

How to Discern POVs

Classical Reading List

Younger Children


The LITClub Book

The LITClub provides a fun environment to read the classics with your friends and family. With themed menus and ready-made book conversation and project guides, The LITClub makes it easy for you to start right away.

You’ll find everything. you need inside this handbook to take the fear out of teaching literature. All the extras add pleasure to the experience with plenty of time to hang out with friends.

There’s no need to be an expert in literature to get the full benefit from The LITClub. Every part of the club is mapped out for you.
• Part I tells the story about how the first LITClub began as well as the outcome you and your children can expect from your LITClub.
• Part II explains the five tools available to the LITClub parent/facilitator and child including detailed explanations and samples.
• Part III gives you ready-made materials to facilitate four LITClub meetings so that all you have to do is show up and enjoy an evening with your friends.