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the-OneThing: on failing gracefully

Exploring life in Christ — the-OneThing I hope the-OneThing — Jesus, the Good Shepherd — is filling your failures with grace today. Here are 3 thoughts from me, 3 thoughts from others, and 1 question for you. 3 thoughts from me… 1 “Failure is an opportunity for...

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the-OneThing: On faith in the dark

Exploring life in Christ — the-OneThing   Emily, the main character in Dangerous Exposure, the first book in the Everton series where things aren't always as they appear, will reach a point where all she has to do is cling to a tiny, little bit of faith, but the...

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The-OneThing: On time, the present and hurry sickness

This week’s installment of the-OneThing newsletter is on TIME, the PRESENT and HURRY SICKNESS. Here’s one quote and one book excerpt from others, a vignette for you to ponder with a question to mediate upon and two ideas from me.

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