Soft Rain — co written by Ali Dent

“Soft Rain brought me to tears as it painted the beautiful picture of God’s love softly pouring down to refresh and renew us.” — Melissa

The ultimate message is one of healing, hope, and God’s presence with us even in the midst of unbearable pain.

Receive encouragement from Jesus’ healing heart as you listen.

A story about God’s love mending a shattered life with his intimate and immediate presence.

“At the end of the song Soft Rain, with the softness of the piano, I closed my eyes. I envisioned myself with outstretched arms, turning slowly with my face looking up to heaven and a soft rain from heaven falling on me. Powerful, healing song.”

“It’s amazing how certain songs can bring comfort and a sense of peace during a difficult season.  Soft Rain is such a song. Let the melody wash over you, soak in the lyric, and receive the grace this song offers.”

Scott Krippayne, CCM recording artist, writer of 16 #1 songs & American Idol Song contest winner

“The first time I heard Soft Rain, I immediately thought of more than a dozen people who needed this healing message sung so tenderly by author and vocalist Becky Nordquist. Everyone needs Soft Rain for themselves and to share with the broken.”

Shelly Beach, Author, Speaker, Consultant, Christy, Selah, Reader’s Favorite, and Golden Scroll Awards Winner

“Soft Rain washed over me as I listened and took me to a place of peace and serenity. Very powerful and moving.  It connected me to the truth of God’s love and compassion.”

Rick Altizer, Director, Show Me the Father

“If you’ve ever been betrayed, your heart will immediately connect with the desperateness of the pain experienced in the words of Ali Dent. As I heard her lyrics enwrapped by Steve Siler’s musical arrangement, I moved further through my own healing journey and knew it would bless others.

I felt a renewed hope with the beautiful imagery of soft drops of rain from heaven as His healing tears.”

Judi Reid, Author of Rise up! Reclaim Your Value

“The chorus gets stuck in my head, a constant reminder that God’s presence is all around us.”

“Soft Rain isn’t the kind of recording you play for background music while doing house or office work. It is thoughtful, deep, beautifully written, and recorded as it plumbs the depths of our shared universal loss while pointing to our eternal hope in Christ. Becky, Steve Siler, David Baroni, Tony Wood, and Ali Dent have captured an intimate healing and worshipful experience for those who are grieving, which is all of us on some level. A worthy freshman release from a talented singer who has a lot more than a voice to share with the world!”

John Chisum, president of Nashville Christian Songwriters

“The lyrics of Soft Rain CD are solid and filled with emotion, which Becky delivers powerfully. Goosebumps.  And I loved the gospel-tinged arrangement and production.”

 Jeff Crossan, #1 hit country songwriter

“Soft Rain put words to my ache.”

“I loved these songs. Soft Rain is a very therapeutic album!”

Hedi Austel, Author of Discovering God’s Grace in Depression

“Ali and Steve have given us a powerful musical message of how to rebuild a season of mistrust into living a life with God’s joy, freedom, and hope. A true praise song.”

Judi Reid, Author of Rise Up! 71 Thoughts of Hope & Inspiration for Women of Value, Speaker, & Coach

Steve Siler

Steve Siler is an award-winning songwriter, video producer, and music producer. He is also a speaker, author, founder and director of Music for the Soul. Through his work through Music for the Soul he has been called “The father of the healing Christian music movement.”

As a songwriter, Siler has had over 500 of his songs recorded in the Christian, pop, & country markets.

Nominated for multiple Dove Awards, Siler won Inspirational Song of the Year with I Will Follow Christ. Circle of Friends and Not Too Far From Here are the best known of his nine #1 Contemporary Christian songs and forty-five top ten singles.

As a speaker, Siler has appeared at The National Center on Sexual Exploitation Summit, the National Right to Life Convention, and The American Association of Christian Counselors among many others.

Siler is the author of two books; The Praise & Worship Devotional and Music for the Soul, Healing for the Heart: Lessons from a Life in Song.

Becky Nordquist

Becky Nordquist is a West Michigan-based Speaker, author, worship leader, songwriter, and recording artist.

Her message is full of hope in Christ, she offers both topical sessions and Bible study lessons. A blend of pop, gospel, and folk sound, she offers an eclectic feel to worship and Christian Contemporary music. 

At the tender age of three, Becky began traveling with her Dad to sing at various events all over Michigan.  This imbedded a love for glorifying God through music deep in her heart.  Studying with a variety of vocal coaches throughout her upbringing (everything from jazz and gospel to classical), she developed the ability to sing many different genres of music.  

Her years of training have created a somewhat eclectic sound that is unique and powerful.  She began writing music at the age of 11 and is currently writing for her next EP.  

Not a stranger to trauma, grief, and loss, her music breathes undertones of someone who has honestly traveled those roads and wrestled the dark places of faith necessary to know God in a deeply intimate way.  Becky holds over 20 years of worship leading in her background, public speaking,  and writing. 

Becky, along with Music for the Soul has just released Soft Rain

Becky’s mission is to bring the mercy, grace, and love of God to those who are broken, wandering and wondering where God is in the midst of their suffering, as well as, lead His people into deep, honest, and “All In” devotion.