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Why You Should Open FaithLIT Emails

FaithLIT is a magazine-style newsletter cultivating a deep life at the intersection of faith and fiction, with rich content for your heart and mind.

• Two-Way Conversations: This is a two-way conversation, a place for you to share your questions, thoughts, and testimonies. Who knows? Your question might be featured in the next issue! I don’t have the answers, but someone will.

• Curated Content: I’ll share articles, videos, and interesting information from trusted sources to further explore the theme of each issue. Expect to find content that both challenges and enriches your understanding of topics that matter to you.

Spark Curiosity: Each issue will delve into a faith theme, with insights and inspiration that could positively impact your walk with Jesus.

Exclusive Content: You’ll get sneak peeks into characters’ lives, grappling with these same faith issues, pulled straight from my upcoming novels.

If you enjoy reading, thinking and talking about your walk with the Lord, the books you read, and your impact on your friends, family and neighbors, then you’ll welcome the FaithLIT Newsletter into your email box. It will soon become your favorite one-of-a-kind news source intersecting Christian faith, fiction and the world around us with rich content for your heart and mind.