The LITClub Free Stuff 

Literature clubs were part of my life from 2002 to 2015. During that time, the high school group read ten books per year and the younger group read ten books a year. That’s a ton of resource material for dozens of classic books. I really want you to experience the amazing benefits of your very own literature club. It’s so thrilling to watch a reluctant reader grow over the course of a year so much that he tells his parent if they have to cut out any activity don’t let it be literature club. Below you’ll find some of my materials that helped me run my literature club.

Scroll down and you’ll find a conversation helper, essay project instructions and menu ideas to complement The Scarlet Letter.


Helpful Tools for the LITclub Leader
The Scarlet Letter

Coversation Helper

Preparing for a discussion can be scary for some folks. I want to take the dread away for you.

Essay Project

The expectation for the essay project differs from what you might expect in a writing and grammar course.

Menu Ideas

The main thing is to have fun imagining you are eating what the characters in the book might have eaten.

The LITClub

 By Ali Dent

Grab your copy of The LITClub Handbook. It’s filled with lots of tips, tools and four classic book guides. Each guide comes complete with a lesson helper, discussion guide, project suggestion, menu plan, and optional vocabulary list, which includes fun ways to study the words. All of this, so you can transform reading into an experience that will cause your children to fall in love with books!