I admire Jesus’s steady pursuit of His in friends in John 11. He tells them he going back to a place where the people there want to stone him. They push back against the idea. His friends want to protect him, v8.


Thomas’s loyal heart makes him ready to go with Jesus into danger and die with Him, v16.


His friends can’t see the whole Christ well enough to rest in their Shepherd’s presence, yet. 


This week I’m thinking about the chasm between how Jesus steadily pursues me no matter what, and how much I have to learn about pursuing intimacy with Him.


One conclusion…

“Humility is the Cornerstone of intimacy.”

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A steady pursuit practice…


By faith, accept that Jesus loves me, ALL the time, even when I get life wrong.

Investigate how that can be possible.

Ask the Holy Spirit to teach me about myself.

Set fear of being known aside.

Read one of the gospels.


Pay attention to the Lover of souls.

Listen some more.

Watch how He acts, reacts, responds, and interfaces in a relationship?

Find the courage to experience the Truth He has written about Himself.

Release myself to that Person.


Listen even more.

Trust Him.

Believe Him.

Start the practice over again.



What others are saying about intimacy with Jesus…


… accept that He died for us because God loved us. 

The Father does not love us because we are sinners, but he does love us even though we are sinners. He loved us before Christ died for us. It is because he loves us that Christ died for us!” Sinclair Ferguson, The Whole Christ, (66)

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