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Here’s 1 story from me, one quote from the Bible, 1 story from another to remind us about the impact of childlike faith, and 1 question for you.

1 Story from me

After church one Sunday morning, my three-year-old came to me with a serious question. “Why do I have two daddies?”

Bewildered by her question, because she only had one daddy, I said, “Sweetheart, I don’t understand. You only have one daddy.”

She looked up at me, a little concerned about my answer. “But, mommy, my teacher said God is my father.”

I grabbed her into my arms and held her up at just the right height so we could be face to face. It took a minute before I could stop smiling enough to respond with words. “That’s exactly right, darlin’. You do have two daddies.”

1 Quote from the Bible

“Out of the mouth of babies and infants, you have established strength because of your foes.” — . Jesus later quoted this verse in after the chief priests and scribes criticized the children for praising God.

1 Story from another

After watching ten-year-old Viola using a tree branch as a microphone to mimic a preacher, Michele Perry, a missionary in South Sudan, gave Viola the opportunity to “preach” during a village outreach. Viola accepted. Later Michele wrote, “The crowd was enraptured. . . . A little girl who had been abandoned stood in authority before them as a daughter of the King of kings, powerfully sharing the reality of God’s Kingdom. Half the crowd came forward to receive Jesus” — by Michele Perry.

1 Question for you

What does childlike faith look like in your life?

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