Practicing the acute awareness of Christ’s immediate presence, and
being curious about the intimate outcome.


This week I’m exploring ways to deal with anxiety about stuff I can’t control and how to find rest in a storm.

Here’s 1 idea from me, 1 practice to try out, 2 ideas from others, and one question for you to think about this week.


1 idea from me

The world, the flesh, and the devil say get busy …


… ignore the eternal, focus on the temporal.

… ignore the body and mind, all that matters is your spiritual life.

… ignore the present, regret your past, dread your future.

… ignore the power of the cross and Christ’s resurrection, carry your load alone.

… ignore God’s desire to apply the salve of mercy and grace during sorrow, drown in your grief.


Christ says …
… come to me and I will give you rest.



1 practice to try out

Ever so gently, turn your head toward Christ.

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 2 ideas from others


The Lord in the Storm, by Tim Keller

“The last chapters of the book of Acts could all be called “The Sufferings of Paul,” because it’s just one bad thing happening to Paul after another. He is caught in a storm on his way to Rome. He has appealed to Rome and the soldiers have him in custody, and the sailors, of course, are running the boat.

Now he’s in a storm, and everyone is afraid for their lives. It says they had gone for days in this situation. Down in verse 20, it says, “Neither sun nor stars appeared for many days. The storm continued raging. We finally gave up all hope of being saved.”

The storm, which was another part of Paul’s suffering, represents all suffering. All the suffering we get in life could be called a storm. They’re all like storms. Watching Paul deal with his storm teaches us something about how we can deal with all storms, all suffering, all troubles when they come in. I would like you to notice the paradox, the purpose, and the presence in storms.”

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“Peace comes not from the absence of trouble, but from the presence of God.” Alexander MacLaren

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1 question

What would happen, over time, if you started practicing the art of sleeping in the boat during a storm?





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